Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone balance is key to feeling and looking your best.  A body whose hormones are balanced feels stronger.  Hormone balance improves the skin’s glow and texture leading to a more youthful appearance.  Disease such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented or even reversed.

We evaluate and treat using the latest bio-identical technologies.


Metabolic Restoration

Our practitioners utilize, diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation to improve your biochemistry so you have more energy to get through each day.  An optimal metabolism helps improve physical strength and stamina.  It helps maintain a healthy weight, cardiovascular system and enhances your ability to think and remember.  More importantly it helps prevent and fight infections.



Reflexology is a noninvasive complementary practice involving using thumb and finger techniques to stimulate specific reflex points in the feet and hands which in turn stimulate the body’s parts and systems to assist in relieving stress, detoxing, bringing balance and helping the healing process. Your body is made to work hard to keep you healthy, reflexology encourages it to do so.

Reflexology helps stimulate your body to improve circulation, boost your immune system, improve lymphatic flow, and increase your body’s detoxification processes. Following sessions, you may find you have more energy, sleep better, and have less pain, as well as have a wide range of other symptoms improve or relieved. In addition to all of this, it is extremely relaxing!


Brain Health

With our Brain Health Program, EMACOG, we evaluate your brain’s health and provide brain training programs to improve your brain’s health naturally.  If you are experiencing insomnia, poor memory, poor concentration, depression, bad habits or addictions, we may be able to help you.

EMACOG is a science based clinical program.  It is not a treatment program, but a brain wellness program.

EMACOG facilitates brain fitness NATURALLY!

Natural Pharmacy

Our natural pharmacy offers Functional Nutriceuticals which are nutritional supplements formulated to address specific health issues naturally.  The use of these products along with exercise and a healthy diet help to maintain a healthy body so use of prescription drugs can be avoided or even eliminated.


THERMOGRAPHY IS A NON-INVASIVE clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring various diseases and injuries by showing thermal abnormalities in the body. By detecting the physiological (or functional) changes in the breast and body before a structural mass develops, thermography may provide an opportunity for earlier detection of abnormalities than structural screenings such as X-Ray, C.T., and Ultrasound.


Thermography is for early detection and monitoring of the following:
Breast disease • Inflammatory breast cancer • Fibrocystic activity • Inflammatory pain • Carpal tunnel • Arthritis • Whiplash • Headaches • Back injuries • Skin cancer • Fibromyalgia • Nerve damage • Unexplained pain • Referred pain syndrome (CRPS) • Dental and TMJ • Disc disease • Sprain / Strain • Vascular disease • Digestive disorders • Stroke screening • Monitors injury therapy progress • Post-breast surgery chest wall evaluation • Effective for dense breast tissue and breast implants

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