The Business Opportunity

The Business Opportunity


A Nutripath Wellness Coach specializes in advising clients on what specific vitamin and nutritional supplements they should take to supplement what their diet is lacking.  Receiving all the right nutrients helps ensure the body has what it needs for optimal health.

A handful of nutritional supplements do not need to be taken daily but only what is needed to supplement the diet.  Vitamin supplements are just that, supplements and should be taken to supplement what is lacking in the daily diet.  Nutritional supplements should be part of the grocery budget.

Many think they eat a balanced diet but, eating processed foods or wrong food combinations can cause nutritional deficits.  Additionally, stress and exposure to environmental toxins can affect and alter how nutrients are utilized in the body.

Foods and the right diet can improve, heal or even cure certain medical conditions.  The problem is most do not eat a balanced diet or foods that contain ingredients that can alter the course of their condition to improve their health

To become a Nutripath Wellness Coach, you must be trained through the Wellspring Medical apprentice program.  The apprentice program involves Hands-On training where you are paid money for each client during training.

The Nutripath Wellness Coach program works by Wellspring Medical assigning a doctor to conduct health/medical assessments based on a questionnaire the client completes and the doctor reviews.  The doctor then provides you, the Nutripath Wellness Coach a written report to review and discuss with the client.  The doctor’s report provides a list of nutritional supplements the client should consider taking based on the health condition.  After discussing with the client their report, the client is then given the opportunity to purchase vitamins from Wellspring Medical or at the retailer of their choosing.

The Nutripath Wellness Coach receives payment for each client coached and a commission for nutritional supplements purchased from Wellspring Medical.  The doctor may recommend lab testing of the client which is offered as a Take-home kit or the client can go to a local medical lab to have their blood drawn.   Wellspring Medical doctors will comment on the lab test results.

As a Nutripath Wellness Coach you will be able to discuss specific conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, cancer and more because the doctor’s report offers suggestions regarding these issues in the report.

You can make a difference helping others become healthy again while having your own business working from home or at an office.

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