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Wellspring Medical’s approach to your Health is Holistic.

Wellspring Medical believes Human Beings are “People” and “People” are made of three separate, but distinct units, a Triad consisting of The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit.  The Body is the “physical”, The Mind includes “thinking and emotions” while the Spirit is the center for moral beliefs which govern thoughts and emotions.  These three units must each be healthy and working in unison for a Person to look, feel, and be healthy.  Wellspring Medical Addresses All Three.

Wellspring Medical’s doctors and providers treat each case individually to get to the source and cause for your not feeling the Best You Can Feel.  We focus on you becoming Healthy.  When you are Healthy, disease is non-existent.

We don’t treat disease, We Care for People!

What We Offer 

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Women and Men

Metabolic Restoration

 Brain Health


Natural Pharmacy


Weight Management Program

Let us help you get on the path to Wellness!

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