What We Do

Wellspring Medical is a Health Care Provider and Educational Trainer in the fields of Natural, Integrative, and Functional Medicine.

Why We Do It

We believe the body has the ability to heal itself, given the right environment, diet, physical conditioning and mental/emotional attitude.

Most disease is the result of exposure to infectious agents, trauma, improper body mechanics, poor diet, environmental toxins, stress, muscle dystonia and neuromotor deconditioning.


          If you have health, you don’t need medicine!

How We Do It

Wellspring Medical’s team of professionals work with each client to ensure their specific health needs are addressed.

Our professionals review the client’s health condition and medical history then considers diet, environmental toxin exposure, habits and lifestyle that may have led to the client’s poor health or diseased condition.

From the evaluation, a written report is prepared offering a regimen and suggestions describing natural ways to address specific needs to address and improve their health condition.

If the client chooses, a Nutripath Wellness Coach can answer questions and discuss the report to further guide and direct them on ways to incorporate the report’s recommendations in a meaningful, affordable, and easy to comply manner.